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cancelation policies

The Activist is as an intermediary between you (the user) and professional instructors/companies organizing outdoor activities. When you book an activity through The Activist, you are booking with the professional instructors/company directly.

To avoid last-minute cancellations which can represent significant losses for our network of professional instructors/companies, they each get to choose the cancellation policy which they deem appropriate for the activities they organize.

Therefore, unless specified differently in activity descriptions, each activity is attributed one of the three following cancellation policies:

The 2 different cancellation policies:



Supplier cancellations

The instructors/guides may only cancel an Activity if circumstances beyond his control make the Activity performance impossible or dangerous, such as poor weather conditions and force majeure.

In such cases, users are obviously fully refunded.

Alternatively, in case of bad weather conditions or other force majeure events, instructors/guides can also propose to reschedule your activity. It is up to you to accept or refuse such changes (for example, it may be difficult to postpone an activity by a week if you are on a road trip abroad). If you cannot attend the new proposed date, you will be entitled to full reimbursement.

Booking modification

You may request a change in the scheduled dates for an activity if such modification is possible (this will be activity-dependent). This can be done through our service, by calling or emailing us at

We will contact your provider to negotiate such modification on your behalf. Should the modification request be accepted by the provider, a new reservation summary will be issued and sent out to you by e-mail.

It is however important to note that instructors/guides are under no obligation to accept such modifications in activity date or starting time. Such requests, if accepted, may be subject to fees according to the instructors/guides’ specific terms and conditions.

Should your modification request be refused by the instructors/guides, your request will be treated as a cancellation as per the above policy.


It’s all common sense. Try to contact us or your instructors/guides as soon as possible if you cannot attend the activity on the initially selected and agreed date. The instructors/guides and the Activist team will do their utmost to find the best solution to reschedule or postpone your activity!

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