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Canyoning Kalypso Gorge

Canyoning Kalypso Gorge

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About The Place

Kalypso Gorge, nestled in the eastern region of Kissavos, Greece, is a hidden treasure that beckons adventurers into a world of captivating natural beauty. This breathtaking gorge, named after the nymph Kalypso from Greek mythology, offers a journey through time and terrain that leaves visitors awestruck.

As you venture into Kalypso Gorge, the surroundings transform into a realm of wonder. Towering rock formations adorned with lush vegetation create a stunning contrast against the deep blue sky. The path, carved by the meandering stream, leads you through a symphony of sights and sounds, with cascading waterfalls, clear pools, and the rustling of leaves adding to the enchantment.

Exploring the gorge is a journey of discovery, where every twist and turn reveals new marvels. Natural sculptures, formed by centuries of water’s embrace, adorn the landscape, adding an artistic touch to this raw masterpiece. The ethereal play of light filtering through the foliage creates a magical atmosphere, capturing the essence of a hidden paradise.

Kalypso Gorge isn’t just a feast for the eyes; it’s also a sensory experience. The air is filled with the scent of wildflowers, and the sound of water echoing off the rocks creates a soothing melody. As you immerse yourself in this sanctuary, it’s easy to understand why Greek mythology chose Kalypso as the inspiration for its name.

For those seeking adventure, Kalypso Gorge offers opportunities for hiking, exploration, and a profound connection with nature. This untamed haven invites you to step away from the everyday and embrace a realm where myth and reality intertwine, leaving you with memories of a journey through a gorge as captivating as the legends that inspired it.

Highlights of this Canyoning

  • Starts with a hike of about 30 minutes

  • Swim under the 100 metre waterfall

  • Rappel down three 20 to 40 meters waterfalls

Total Duration

  • 5 Hours

Full description

Nestled in the captivating embrace of eastern Kissavos, high above the charming village of “Kokkino Nero,” which has gained fame for its enigmatic red water thermal springs, lies the awe-inspiring Gorge of Kalypso. This natural wonderland beckons adventurers with promises of cascading waterfalls, verdant landscapes, and an experience that’s as exhilarating as it is enchanting.

The Gorge of Kalypso, a hidden gem tucked away in this region, unfolds as a breathtaking revelation. At the heart of its allure stands the grandeur of the largest waterfall in Kissavos, a towering masterpiece that stretches a staggering 100 meters into the heavens. As the pristine water descends from its lofty perch, it creates a mesmerizing blue lake below, a tranquil oasis born from the union of water and stone. This ethereal vision is a testament to the wonders of nature’s artistry.

Draped in dense vegetation that includes the elegance of beech and chestnut trees along with the delicate grace of lush ferns, the gorge itself is a canvas of unparalleled beauty. A lush landscape of rich greens and vibrant colors awaits those who dare to explore its depths. Each step taken on this journey brings you closer to nature’s secrets, unraveling a tale of centuries-old trees, flourishing ferns, and an ecosystem that thrives in harmony.

Embarking on a canyoning odyssey within the Gorge of Kalypso is an adventure that beckons with anticipation. The journey begins with a pleasant 30-minute hike along a verdant path, a prelude to the wonders that await. With each footfall, you draw closer to the heartbeat of the gorge, the murmurs of the waterfall growing louder with each passing moment.

As you tread deeper into nature’s embrace, the veil of anticipation lifts, revealing the grandeur of the colossal 100-meter waterfall. Here, at the base of this natural spectacle, a refreshing embrace with the crystal-clear waters of the lake awaits you. The invigorating waters invite you to a serene swim, a moment of connection with the very essence of the gorge.

Buoyed by the energy of your aquatic encounter, the journey continues as you venture into the heart of the cascades. Three waterfalls, each with heights ranging from 20 to 40 meters, become your playground. Rappelling down these majestic falls is an adrenaline-packed adventure that promises exhilaration at every step. The Gorge of Kalypso is not just any canyon; it’s a realm of unique vantage points. Throughout your descent, uninterrupted views of the vast Aegean Sea and the regal Mount Athos provide a breathtaking backdrop to your journey.

This is more than canyoning; it’s a dance with nature’s elements, a symphony of water and rock that creates an unforgettable melody. As you navigate the waterfalls, the serenity of the lake, and the vistas that unfold before you, the Gorge of Kalypso weaves its magic into your soul.

So, answer the call of the Gorge of Kalypso, and let the adventure begin. Let the rush of the waterfalls, the embrace of the lake, and the panoramas of the Aegean Sea become the chapters of your story. Immerse yourself in this realm of beauty and excitement, where nature reigns supreme and the spirit of exploration thrives.

What to Bring

  • Second pair of shoes that will get wet

  • Small backpack

  • Hat & Sunscreen

  • Swimsuit

  • Towel

  • Your own personal water bottle


  • All necessary local transfers for the operation of the activity

  • Experienced  Guides

  • All the necessary equipment (harness, helmet, gloves, personal equipment, neoprene suit and socks)

  • Light snack

  • Taxes

  • Liability insurance


  • 12 years +
  • Basic physical condition
  • Swimming knowledge
  • Lack of acrophobia


  • Meeting time 10.00
  • End of activity 15.00

Meeting point

Cafe “Profil”, Karitsa, Larissa

Cancellation Policy - Flexible

  • Whenever you cancel 4 days or earlier than the confirmed activity starting date, your fee will be refunded for the entire activity charge.
  • In case of cancellation within 48 and 96 hours before the scheduled activity starting date, you'll get 50% reimbursed.
  • Those who cancel 48 hours or beyond are considered last-minute cancellations. There will be no refunds

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