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Rafting in Ladonas

Rafting in Ladonas

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About The Place

Ladonas River and its surrounding area form a tranquil haven in Peloponissos, where nature’s beauty and serenity harmonize. The meandering Ladonas River flows through picturesque landscapes of lush forests and rolling hills, creating a peaceful retreat for those seeking respite. This region also boasts charming villages that exude authentic Greek culture and hospitality.

Ladonas River and its encompassing area provide not only serene beauty but also an exhilarating avenue for adventure enthusiasts through exhilarating rafting experiences. The river’s winding course offers the ideal backdrop for thrilling rafting journeys, as its varying currents and occasional rapids add a touch of excitement to the serene surroundings. Rafting on Ladonas River presents a unique perspective of the landscape, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the untouched nature while riding the rushing waters.

This combination of natural tranquility and heart-pounding excitement makes Ladonas River a prime destination for both relaxation and outdoor adventure, catering to all who seek a diverse and invigorating escape.

Highlights of this Rafting

  • Distance 7 km

  • Unique green landscape

Total Duration

  • 3 Hours

Full description

A Mythical Twist Unveiled: Beyond its mythic portrayal as a formidable dragon guarding the golden “Mills of the Hesperides,” the Ladonas River welcomes adventurers with an embrace of warmth and openness, unveiling its amiable and inviting character.

Stretching across an expanse of about seven kilometers, this captivating route meanders through a picturesque expanse of verdant landscapes, capturing the hearts of both young and old with its unparalleled scenic beauty.

The thrilling rafting escapade commences right at the company’s well-equipped premises, where all the necessary gear is provided to ensure a seamless adventure. Upon arriving at the river’s entry point within the charming village of Filia, the seasoned river guides of the company impart an in-depth initiation, offering the knowledge and skills needed for a truly extraordinary rafting experience.

Brimming with newfound vitality and entrancing imagery, we reconvene at the boats just beyond the premises, bringing this exceptional outdoor pursuit to a satisfying close. As the journey concludes, an invigorating soak in the locker room’s soothing hot bath awaits, delivering the perfect denouement to this unforgettable odyssey.

What to Bring

  • Swimsuit

  • Towel

  • Second pair of shoes


  • Experienced River Guides

  • All necessary equipment for the activity (rafts and personal gear)


  • Age 5 +
  • Swimming knowledge
  • Good physical condition


  • Starting time 10:30 & 14:00
  • End of activity 13:30 & 17:00

Meeting point

Dafni Kalavryton

Cancellation Policy - Flexible

  • Whenever you cancel 4 days or earlier than the confirmed activity starting date, your fee will be refunded for the entire activity charge.
  • In case of cancellation within 48 and 96 hours before the scheduled activity starting date, you'll get 50% reimbursed.
  • Those who cancel 48 hours or beyond are considered last-minute cancellations. There will be no refunds

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Sold By: Gaia and Hydro Outdoor Activities


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