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Sea Kayak At Temple Of Poseidon (Full Day)

Sea Kayak At Temple Of Poseidon (Full Day)

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About The Place

Discover the enchantment of Sea Kayak at Temple of Poseidon, a unique adventure blending ancient wonders and maritime exploration. By the way, The Temple of Poseidon, located at Cape Sounion in Greece, is a majestic ancient structure steeped in history and mythology.  Moreover, This magnificent temple, dedicated to the Greek god of the sea, stands proudly on a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea. Additionally, its majesty and aesthetic beauty make it a fascinating experience for tourists from all over the world. As you approach the temple, you can feel the aura of power and reverence that surrounds it. By the way, Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker or a novice, the sea kayak activities near the Temple of Poseidon provide an unforgettable experience that seamlessly blends history, nature, and adventure. If you are thinking of visiting Greece, you must visit the temple sounion.


  • Explore the crystal-clear waters surrounding the Temple of Poseidon, where you’ll enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Sounion coastline while on your adventure Sea Kayak At Temple Of Poseidon.

  • Keep an eye out for fascinating marine creatures as you navigate the sea on your kayak, including dolphins, sea turtles, and various species of fish.

  • Experience the magic of witnessing a stunning sunset from the vantage point of your kayaking, creating a truly unforgettable and picturesque moment.

  • Enjoy the skills and knowledge of the guides who will share useful instructions, tips on paddling techniques, and interesting facts about the area’s history and natural surroundings.

  • Treat yourself to a selection of energizing and refreshing Greek snacks, perfectly curated to rejuvenate you during your sea kayak adventure. Savor the flavors of Greece while surrounded by the beauty of the sea.

  • Choose between a morning or sunset trip to suit your preferred time of day. Whether you want to kickstart your day with a refreshing kayak experience or witness the magical hues of a sunset over the Poseidon Temple Athens, the choice is yours.

Total Duration For Sea Kayak At Temple Of Poseidon

  • 8 Hours

Full description

Embark on an unforgettable Temple of Poseidon Sea Kayak expedition to Cape Sounio, where you’ll discover the world-renowned Temple of Poseidon. Begin your adventure with a convenient pick-up from your Athens hotel, as we ride on a scenic drive along the captivating Athenian Coastline, enjoying breathtaking views of the glistening sea.

As we leave the city behind, we discover the mesmerizing Mediterranean landscapes, eventually reaching the pristine beaches of Cape Sounion. Experience the excitement and wonder of sea kayaking like never before.

Before we set off, our expert guides conduct a meticulous equipment check and provide a comprehensive safety briefing. This ensures your highest level of security and enjoyment throughout the journey.

With everything in order, we launch our Temple of Poseidon sea kayaks and set off along the coast, immersing ourselves in the crystal-clear waters, majestic cliffs, and hidden caves that adorn the shoreline.

Our first stop presents a choice between visiting the captivating island of Archi or one of the enchanting beaches of Legrena. Take a refreshing swim in the inviting waters and indulge in a delightful snack, rejuvenating your spirits for the next leg of our adventure.

With renewed energy, we continue our expedition towards Cape Sounio and the awe-inspiring Temple of Poseidon. Even from the sea level, the temple emanates an irresistible grandeur, captivating your senses and leaving an indelible impression.

To conclude this extraordinary day, we gather at an authentic tavern to indulge in a delectable Greek meal. Immerse yourself in the tantalizing flavors of Greece, savoring each bite while reflecting on the unforgettable moments and shared experiences that have made this day truly exceptional.

What to Bring For Sea Kayak At Temple Of Poseidon

  • Don your favorite swimsuit or swim trunks to fully enjoy the refreshing waters along the coast.

  • Make sure you pack sunscreen that has a high sun protection factor, eyeglasses, a hat, and a lightweight, long-sleeved shirt.

  • Opt for water-friendly footwear that provides comfort, protection, and traction while exploring the shoreline and getting in and out of the kayak.

  • Bring a quick-drying towel to dry off after swimming or to use as a seat cushion during breaks.

  • Safeguard your personal belongings, such as your phone, camera, and wallet, by storing them in a waterproof or dry bag to protect them from any water exposure.

  • At Temple of Poseidon Sea kayak, to Stay hydrated and energized throughout the day make sure carrying a reusable water bottle and packing light snacks to keep you fueled during the adventure.

  • If you have any specific medications or medical needs, be sure to pack them in a secure and easily accessible container.

  • Capture the breathtaking scenery and memorable moments by bringing a waterproof camera or GoPro to document your sea kayaking adventure.


  • We provide hassle-free transportation with hotel pick-up and drop-off in Athens, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey

  • You will be accompanied by a knowledgeable and certified guide throughout the adventure, who will ensure your safety, provide insightful commentary, and enhance your overall experience.

  • At the Temple of Poseidon sea kayak, We provide all the necessary equipment for the kayaking activity, including high-quality kayak, paddles, life jackets, and any other gear required for a safe and enjoyable experience

  • Indulge in a delectable Greek traditional snack during the tour, allowing you to savor authentic flavors and experience the culinary delights of Greece.

  • After your sea kayaking adventure, enjoy a delicious Greek Mediterranean meal, where you can feast on a variety of flavorful dishes made from fresh, local ingredients, immersing yourself in the vibrant Greek cuisine.

  • The entrance fees to the Temple of Poseidon are included in the package, allowing you to explore and admire the historical and cultural significance of this iconic ancient site.

  • Almost all necessary taxes are covered in the package, ensuring transparency and convenience during your booking process.


  • Participants must be 10 years of age or older to join the kayaking activity.
  • Basic swimming knowledge is necessary to participate in the sea kayaking adventure. As kayaking involves being on the water, it is important that participants have the ability to swim comfortably and confidently.
  • Athens Sea kayaking requires basic Physical health and flexibility. Participants should be able to paddle and maneuver the kayak throughout the duration of the activity.


  • Meeting points can be arranged based on your convenience.
  • meeting time can be selected from available morning and evening slots. Kindly let us know your preferences after making your booking

Meeting point

Your Hotel in Athens

Cancellation Policy - Flexible

  • Whenever you cancel 4 days or earlier than the confirmed activity starting date, your fee will be refunded for the entire activity charge.
  • In case of cancellation within 48 and 96 hours before the scheduled activity starting date, you'll get 50% reimbursed.
  • Those who cancel 48 hours or beyond are considered last-minute cancellations. There will be no refunds


1. Are there age restrictions for participating in Sea Kayak At Temple Of Poseidon?

Certainly, sea kayaking requires participants to be over 10 years of age.

2. What happens if it's a rainy climate or rough sea situations?

Our #1 objective is ensuring safety. In the event of unfavorable weather or sea conditions, the kayaking tour may be rescheduled or modified for your safety and comfort.

3. Are life jackets provided during the sea kayaking experience?

Yes, we provide all required safety gear, such as life jackets, to assure a safe and memorable kayaking adventure.

4. Can I take my own food or snacks to Temple Of Poseidon Canoeing?

While we provide Greek snacks and a Mediterranean meal as part of the experience, you are welcome to bring additional snacks or dietary requirements if needed.

5. When was the Temple of Athens built?

The construction of the Temple of Athens began in 447 BCE and ended in 438 BCE. The Golden Age of Athens under Pericles lasted during this time.

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1 review for Sea Kayak At Temple Of Poseidon (Full Day)

  • konstantin Sorokin

    We had an incredible day filled with joy in Sounion. The beauty and uniqueness of the location left us in awe. The team accompanying us was truly exceptional, ensuring that everything went smoothly as planned. We are immensely grateful for this extraordinary experience and promise to return to Greece to explore more captivating places.

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