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Sea Kayak in Kalyves

Sea Kayak in Kalyves

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About The Place

Chania, a jewel in the crown of Crete, Greece, stands as a testament to the island’s rich history, cultural heritage, and breathtaking natural beauty. This city, situated on the northwest coast of Crete, is not just a destination; it’s an immersive experience that seamlessly weaves together ancient charm, vibrant culture, and diverse activities.

Geographically, Chania is framed by the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea, with its harbor serving as a gateway to the city. The White Mountains (Lefka Ori) provide a dramatic backdrop, adding to the city’s scenic allure. The Old Town of Chania, a maze of narrow alleyways and Venetian architecture, transports visitors to a bygone era.

The fauna in the Chania region is influenced by the varied landscapes that surround the city. The region is home to a variety of bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. The coastal areas attract marine life, and sea turtles can often be spotted in the clear waters. The Akrotiri Peninsula, near Chania, is also known for its diverse flora and fauna, providing opportunities for nature enthusiasts to explore the local ecosystems.

The history of Chania is deeply rooted in the centuries of civilizations that have left their mark on Crete. The city has been shaped by Minoans, Venetians, Ottomans, and other cultures, each contributing to its unique character. The Old Town, surrounded by Venetian walls and fortifications, is a living testament to Chania’s historical significance. The Archaeological Museum of Chania and the Maritime Museum offer glimpses into the island’s rich past.

Culturally, Chania is a vibrant hub that celebrates the traditions and customs of Crete. The Old Town, with its colorful buildings and bustling markets, reflects the island’s lively spirit. The locals, known for their warmth and hospitality, often engage visitors with tales of the city’s history and traditions. Chania also hosts cultural events, including music festivals, art exhibitions, and religious celebrations that showcase the island’s artistic and spiritual heritage.

The villages surrounding Chania contribute to the region’s charm and authenticity. Halepa, with its neoclassical mansions, is a testament to the city’s 19th-century history. The village of Therissos, nestled in the foothills of the White Mountains, offers a tranquil escape with its traditional tavernas and panoramic views. Each village tells a story of Cretan life, adding layers to the cultural mosaic of the Chania region.

Activities in and around Chania cater to a diverse range of interests. The beaches, such as Elafonissi and Balos, are renowned for their pink sand and turquoise waters, attracting sun-seekers and nature lovers alike. Hiking trails, such as the Samaria Gorge, offer opportunities for exploration amidst the island’s dramatic landscapes. Boat trips from the Old Harbor take visitors to secluded coves and nearby islands.

Chania also serves as a gastronomic haven, with its tavernas and waterfront restaurants offering a taste of Cretan cuisine. Olive oil, fresh seafood, local cheeses, and aromatic herbs characterize the flavors of the region. The Municipal Market of Chania, a bustling marketplace, provides an immersive experience for those looking to sample local produce and delicacies.

In conclusion, Chania city and its surrounding area in Crete, Greece, encapsulate the essence of the island’s allure. From the historical charm of the Old Town to the natural wonders of the beaches and mountains, Chania offers a kaleidoscope of experiences. Whether exploring ancient ruins, indulging in local cuisine, or simply basking in the warmth of Cretan hospitality, visitors to Chania are enveloped in a tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty.

Total Duration

  • 7 Hours

Full description

Experience sea kayaking in Crete, just minutes away from Chania town. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, we have the perfect trip for you. For those with limited experience, embark on a shorter distance journey along the less exposed coastline, covering approximately 15 km. Experienced paddlers can join our linear trip starting from Kalyves and ending in Georgioupoli village, spanning a distance of 27 km. Please note that for the longer trip, a skill level of 3* or higher (based on British Canoeing) is required due to rougher conditions outside the Souda bay and cape Drapano.

Plan of the trip:

We begin with a short introduction to paddling for beginners before setting off towards cape Drapano. Along the way, we’ll make stops for swimming and snorkeling. If the group opts for the longer version, fewer stops will be made to ensure we stay on schedule. As we approach the cape, the cliffs become more stunning and majestic. Please pack your own lunch for this day trip as there are no tavernas along the paddle.

Choose between single or tandem (double) kayaks. Beginners will be provided with tandem kayaks for easier paddling. Experienced paddlers can enjoy superb boats from Nigel Dennis, Valley, North Shore, P&H, and 3kymia. Keep in mind that from June to September, the waters can get wavy, making the Sfakia trip a more suitable option for those staying in Chania or the surrounding region. Sfakia offers the calmest area on the island with spectacular views.

Suitable season: June-September

We offer pick-up services from Heraklion and near Rethymno (from the motorway). If you require transportation and have any doubts, please get in touch with us. Remember to provide us with the exact location of your hotel, not just the name. Please note that we do not provide transfers from Chania, so you’ll need to arrange your own transportation by bus or taxi.

What to Bring

  • Water ,Sunglasses, Hat, Sunscreen, Swimsuit, Lycra shirt or any t-shirt ideally with UV protection.

  • You will also need shoes that you do not mind getting soaked as you will get your feet wet.

  • Ideally a light neoprene shoe will work great.

  • It is not required to wear shoes but they will help as the majority of the beaches are with small pebbles.


  • Minimum of 4 participants.


  • Starting Time10:00
  • Ending Time 17:00

Meeting point

Paraliakh Odos Kalivwn, Kalives 730 03, Greece

Cancellation Policy - Flexible

  • Whenever you cancel 4 days or earlier than the confirmed activity starting date, your fee will be refunded for the entire activity charge.
  • In case of cancellation within 48 and 96 hours before the scheduled activity starting date, you'll get 50% reimbursed.
  • Those who cancel 48 hours or beyond are considered last-minute cancellations. There will be no refunds

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