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Sea Kayak South Paros Isles Exploration

Sea Kayak South Paros Isles Exploration

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About The Place

Paros is a picturesque island located in the heart of the Cyclades in Greece. With its stunning beaches, gorgeous villages, and extensive heritage, Paros attracts tourists from all over the world.Among the common activities on this beautiful island is sea kayaking. sea kayak Paros offers an exciting and thrilling way to discover the breathtaking scenery and sparkling waters. As adventurers paddle through the azure sea, they can marvel at the breathtaking views of rocky cliffs, hidden coves, and vibrant marine life. Overall, a sea kayak Paros adventure provides an unforgettable opportunity to connect with nature and discover the island’s hidden treasures.

Total Duration

  • 5 Hours

Full description

Explore the enchanting archipelago of six islands nestled between Paros and Antiparos on an exhilarating sea kayak adventure. The day-trip begins at the southern tip of Paros, swiftly propelling us across the short distance to the first cluster of isles. We arrive at a picturesque bay with sheltered turquoise waters that beckon us to cool off.

We can cruise around the island, passing a mesmerizing sea cave with an underwater entrance after we eat a delicious snack. After lunch, we stop by a quaint chapel built to protect sailors on the second group of isles. We continue our paddling adventure amid captivating rock gardens, culminating in a final crossing back to Paros’ shores.

Our day trip typically lasts between four and six hours, depending on the route we choose and the wind conditions. Approximately half of this time is dedicated to leisurely paddling at a relaxed pace, while the remaining duration offers ample opportunities for beachside relaxation, invigorating swims, captivating snorkeling adventures, and the enjoyment of a delectable snack or lunch.

What To Bring for sea kayak Paros

  • Bring Hat & Sunglasses to Shield yourself from the sun’s rays and keep your eyes protected.

  • Stay hydrated throughout the adventure by bringing water (1.5 liters per person).

  • Make sure to carry a towel for wiping off and sunscreen to safeguard your skin.

  • Ensure good sun protection by wearing a long sleeve top or t-shirt.

  • Bring a Camera to Capture memorable moments.

  • We’ll provide you with a dry bag to store your belongings, so bring any additional essentials you may need.


  • Choose between single or double kayaks to suit your preference and needs.

  • We provide personal flotation devices, paddles, spray decks, and pumps for a safe and comfortable kayaking experience.

  • Our knowledgeable guide, certified by British Canoeing, will accompany you throughout the excursion, ensuring your safety and providing valuable insights.

  • Prior to the adventure, our guide will provide a comprehensive briefing on sea kayak handling techniques, ensuring that you feel confident and prepared.

  • Recharge and refuel with a delicious snack and lunch provided during the excursion.

  • Explore the vibrant marine life with our snorkeling equipment.

  • We provide each participant with a dry bag to safely store and carry personal items, keeping them protected from water exposure.


  • Starting times 10:00 & 15:00
  • Ending times 15:00 & 20:00

Meeting point

Cancellation Policy - Flexible

  • Whenever you cancel 4 days or earlier than the confirmed activity starting date, your fee will be refunded for the entire activity charge.
  • In case of cancellation within 48 and 96 hours before the scheduled activity starting date, you'll get 50% reimbursed.
  • Those who cancel 48 hours or beyond are considered last-minute cancellations. There will be no refunds


1. Is snorkeling equipment included in sea kayak Paros?

Yes, we offer snorkeling equipment for those who wish to explore the underwater world during breaks.

2. Things to do in paros?

Paros offers a range of activities including exploring picturesque villages, visiting ancient sites, enjoying water sports, relaxing on beautiful beaches, hiking scenic trails, and indulging in delicious local cuisine.

3. Paros Antiparos Distance?

The distance between paros antiparos is around 8.0 KM.

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1 review for Sea Kayak South Paros Isles Exploration

  • Ariadne

    Kayaking in South Paros was an absolute delight. The picturesque landscapes, the opportunity to swim in pristine waters, and the personalized attention from the guides made it a perfect day out.

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