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Snorkeling boat excursion from Aegiali, Amorgos

Snorkeling boat excursion from Aegiali, Amorgos

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Total Duration

  • 2 Hours

Full description

A mesmerizing snorkeling boat excursion in Amorgos and delve into the enchanting world beneath the deep blue waters of the island. Discover the very same waters that served as the backdrop for the iconic film “Big Blue,” as well as the awe-inspiring caves and reefs that dot the coastline. This snorkeling adventure allows you to explore the dive sites from above, providing you with an eagle-eyed view of the underwater wonders.

Snorkeling is a delightful and accessible experience that requires no prerequisites. All you need is your bathing suit and the ability to swim. The necessary equipment, including a mask and snorkel, will be provided to ensure you can comfortably breathe as you immerse yourself in the captivating blue waters. Prepare to witness sights that are simply extraordinary.

The snorkeling journey will take you to various spots, either by boat with Amorgos Diving or directly from the shore. If you’re unfamiliar with using snorkeling equipment, the instructor will guide you through its proper usage and remain by your side should you require any assistance.

Let’s explore some of the captivating snorkeling spots you’ll encounter:

  1. Aegiali Bay: This beautiful sandy beach is a haven for snorkelers. The warm and tranquil waters create a serene atmosphere akin to swimming in a pristine swimming pool. The turquoise hue and excellent visibility give you the sensation of diving into tropical waters. Be prepared to encounter a diverse array of marine life, including scorpion fish, hermit crabs, John Dorys, octopi, rainbow wrasse, bream, and triggerfish. As the waves gently caress the sand bed, exquisite patterns emerge, and you might even spot flounder fish, hermit crabs, and starfish.
  2. Agios Pavlos: Known as the “Caribbean Finger” due to its distinctive shape, Agios Pavlos is not only a beloved beach but also an exceptional snorkeling location. With Nikouria Island acting as a natural barrier against winds and currents, the conditions here are ideal for snorkeling. Begin your underwater exploration from the shore, where the shallow part of the bay features a predominantly sandy seabed. Here, you’ll become acquainted with your diving equipment and the captivating new world that awaits. The seabed’s undulating terrain, adorned with Neptune grass (Posidonia Oceanica), creates a captivating landscape. Keep an eye out for cuttlefish gracefully swimming with their families, rainbow wrasse, and smaller, curious fish. Delight in the presence of large black sponges, mermaid cups, and octopus gardens.
  3. Nikouria Caverns: Considered a true gem among snorkeling sites, Nikouria Caverns is a popular destination that will leave you in awe. This open cavern is accessible to divers of all levels, offering a chance to marvel at its beauty. Once submerged, you’ll be surrounded by a burst of vibrant colors. The walls are adorned with bright purple, red, and yellow sponges, diverse corals, micro marine life, and large spiral worms. The cavern’s formation creates a spectacular landscape against the vastness of the open sea. Expect to encounter larger schools of damselfish and bream, as well as an abundance of Neptune grass, which serves as an indicator of the pristine water quality.

This exhilarating snorkeling excursion lasts approximately 2 hours and is available from April to October. Upon arrival at the diving center, you will receive a comprehensive briefing to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey into the mesmerizing underwater realm of Amorgos.


  • Mask

  • Snorkel

  • Fins

  • Wetsuit


  • Minimum age 5 years

Meeting point

Amorgos Diving Center, Aegiali port

Cancellation Policy - Flexible

  • Whenever you cancel 4 days or earlier than the confirmed activity starting date, your fee will be refunded for the entire activity charge.
  • In case of cancellation within 48 and 96 hours before the scheduled activity starting date, you'll get 50% reimbursed.
  • Those who cancel 48 hours or beyond are considered last-minute cancellations. There will be no refunds

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